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Byrd E. Bath & The Gay Blades - A bar is a bar is a bar

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Titre : A bar is a bar is a bar

Année : 1964

Auteurs compositeurs : Byrd E. Bath

Durée : 2 m

Label : Camp Record

Référence : LP3455

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There is a tavern in this town (In this town)
Where every waiter wears a gown (Wears a gown)
It's such fun you'll never want to leave
And when it's rated you will grieve (You will grieve)

All the laws are getting rougher, the police are getting tougher
If they raid this bar again we'll have no place to play
Oh they do not want a drag joint, and they're very firm on that point
Though we brake no laws we'll have to go away (Go away)

There is no other place for miles (Not for miles)
Where you can view such stunning styles (Stunning styles)
Latest gifts (?) from Paris and Rome
Stitch we (?) run up while at home (While at home)

All the kids are very handy, they saw dresses in their candy (?)
But they really need a place that they can call their own
If they close the faulty entry just to please the local gentry
It's a cinch the kids will simply have to roam (Have to roam)

We'll have to go out and up to find a home, a home
So we will not be respected just to roam, to roam
We will pack our drags and our make-up case
And just move on to another place
We can all be gay when (we find another home)

We'll find another bar for us (Just for us)
Where we will not admit the fuss (Not admit the fuss)
Where the atmosphere is gay and free
We'll always act with dignity (Dignity)

You can have a little drinky, you can even lift your pinky
If you care to dance you'll find someone to lead the way
But be sure to use discretion so you'll make the right impression
Just behave as though you just were voted (queen for a day)

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