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Red Peters - Holy shit it's Christmas

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Titre : Holy shit it's Christmas

Année : 1995

Auteurs compositeurs : R. Peters

Durée : 3 m 3 s

Label : Ugly Sisters Records ‎

Référence : 3002-2

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[Red] Ho Ho Ho

[Hamsters] Oh
[Hamster 1] Did you hear that?
[Hamster 2] Hey everybody, Santa's here!
[Hamster 3] Aw, there ain't no Santa Claus.
[Hamster 2] There is, too, man!
[Hamsters] He's here!

[Red] Ho, Ho, Ho… Merry Christmas!
[Hamster 1] Aw shit, it's Red Peters!
[Red] C'mon, you swinging hamsters, get over here. We're gonna sing us a happy Christmas song
[Hamster 3] Oh no, not another corny stupid song!
[Hamster 2] Yeah, no way
[Red] Get over here and sing or I'll wring your little necks
[Hamsters] Okay, Okay

Grab your nuts hamsters, gather round with me
Forget about all that teasing
We're breaking out the holly and aluminum tree
Cause it's that jolly season
I know you've been naughty, but have you been nice?
That's only Santa's business
He's making his list and he's checking it twice.

[All] Holy shit, it's Christmas!

Santa comes just once a year
Just like you, Red. That's what we hear
He's got a soft spot for reindeer
Especially Rudolph's derierre

Hey, knock it off fellas. It's a holiday
Go on, give Santa a big kiss
You can play "hide the hamster" on the one-horse sleigh

[All] Holy shit, it's Christmas!

[Red] Hey what happened to my lyric sheet? Anyone seen my lyrics?
[Hamster 1] Heck, we don't need no lyric sheets, Red. We know our parts by heart. Right, fellas?
[Hamster 3] Yeah sure, I know my part
[Hamster 2] Yeah me too
[Red] Well that's great, guys. I love Christmas songs

[Godfried] Santa tried reaching up the neighbor's blouse after drinking all the eggnog (Is that necessary)
[Bruce] Camped out in the bathroom for an hour or two squashing off a yule log (Godfried)
[Raleigh] He wandered in his undies all over the house but we minded our own business
[Hamsters] 'Til we caught him stuffing hamsters up a gift wrap tube.

[All] Holy shit, it's Christmas!

Santa comes just once a year.
Up the chimney he'll disappear.

Keep on the lookout for Mr. Gear
Hamster deliveries in the rear

Gimme those lyrics
Roastnuts chestin' on an open fire
Santa's tongue stuck to the doorknob
His balls got fondled by a caroling choir
While the parson gave him a hand… what?
The sleigh came down and took him away
The whole damn crowd was dismissed

It was a time to be jolly and a time to be gay
Holy shit, it's Christmas
Holy shit, it's Christmas
Holy shit! It's Christmas!

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