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David Peel & the Lower East Side - Everybody's smoking marijuana

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Titre : Everybody's smoking marijuana

Interprète : David Peel

Année : 1972

Auteurs compositeurs : David Peel

Durée : 4 m 24 s

Label : Apple

Référence : SW-3391

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"Everybody's smoking marijuana, everybody's smoking marijuana
Everybody's smoking marijuana, everybody's smoking marijuana
Everybody's smoking marijuana, everybody's smoking marijuana
I am smoking, you are smoking, we are smoking grass
We are not afraid of smoking pot!!"
I used to smoke bananas, and i smoked oregano
Smoking to get high is where it's at
Never shoot up heroine, never shoot up speed
Never had a monkey on my back!
Everybody has their own way of getting stoned
Turning on is nothing really new
Sniffing, smoking, tripping, dropping anything you want
Is up to each and every one of you!

My father and my mother used to always get me drunk
The only thing I smoked were cigarettes
Now I'm passing marijuana out to all my friends
And other psychedelics for the head!
Pot makes people smarter than their parents ever were
The newer generation is a freak
Non-conformers, cop-informers, hippie teenybobs
Have found the answer to society

I'm high, I need a little grass. I'm high, I need a little grass
I'm stoned, I smoked a little grass, I'm stoned, I smoked a little grass
I'm stoned, I'm stoned, I'm stoned!!!

This is the beginning for a world reality
Everybody's turning on to grass
Going to a prison or a jail for smoking pot
Is just another problem of the past!

Let me warn you people who think smoking is a drag
Never knock a person who is stoned
Getting high is nothing new, it started long ago
History is marijuana's home!
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