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Ray Stevens - Ahab, the Arab

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Titre : Ahab, the Arab

Année : 1962

Auteurs compositeurs : Ray Stevens

Durée : 3 m 44 s

Label : Mercury

Référence : 71966

Présentation : La chanson a éé adaptée en français par Hector sous l'intitulé "Abab l'Arabe".

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Let me tell you about Ahab, The Arab
The sheik of the burning sands
He had emeralds and rubies just a-drippin' off 'a him,
And a ring on every finger of his hand
He wore a big ol' turban wrapped around his head,
And a scimitar by his side,
And every evenin', about midnight,
He'd jump on his camel named Clyde…

And ride, silently through the night to the sultan's tent,
Where he would secretly meet up with Fatima of The Seven Veils,
The swingingest number one choice dancer in The Sultan's whole harem!
'Cause, like him and her had a thing goin', you know,
And they'd been carryin' on for some time now behind The Sultan's back
And you could hear him talk to his camel
As he rode out across the dunes
His voice would cut through the still night desert air
And he'd say… يايايايَوُياءاهِيِهُيا يايايايَوُياءاهِيِهُيا
Which is Arabic for, "Whoa, babies!"
And Clyde'd say… uuuuaaaaah uuuuuu-ahh uu-aaaah !

Well, he brought his camel to a screechin' halt (iiik !)
In the rear of Fatima's tent,
Jumped off Clyde, snuck around the corner,
And into the tent he went.
There he saw Fatima
Layin' on a zebra skin rug,
"With rings on her fingers,
And bells on her toes and a bone in her nose, ho ho!"

There she was, friends and neighbors, layin' there in all her radiant beauty,
Eating on a raisin, and a grape, and an apricot, and a pomegranate,
A bowl of chitterlings, two bananas, three Hershey bars,
And sipping on an R-O-C-coke-cola, listenin' to her transistor,
Watchin' The Grand Ole Opry,
And readin' Mad Magazine while she sung "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor?"
And Ahab walked up to her and he say : يايايايَوُياءاهِيِهُيا يايايايَوُياءاهِيِهُيا
Which is Arabic for, "Let's twist again like we did last summer, baby!"
And she say, "ha ha ha…crazy, baby!"

'Round and around and around and around
And around and around and around!

All of a sudden, The Sultan walked in!
Ahab knew that this was the end!
Him and Fatima was caught by surprise,
And the sultan had fire flashin' out of his eyes!

Well, The Sultan charged at Ahab,
Intending to make a dent
In his head, but he fled with Fatima
And out of the tent they went!
They jumped on Clyde and started to ride
Cuttin' out across the sand!
With The Sultan's whole army in a hot pursuit,
On and on they ran!

Well, to make a long story short,
They got away, 'cause there weren't no animal alive
What could keep up with Clyde once he got started,
'Cause he was the swiftest steed on the whole desert babies!
And they made it across the border
Where he half-hocked all his rubies and emeralds,
And he bought 'em a swanky little split-level pad,
And lived happi'y ever after!

Yeah, and that's the story 'bout Ahab, The Arab,
The sheik of the burnin' sands!
Ahab The Arab, the swingin' sheik of the burnin' sands!
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1 commentaire
Trocol Harum Le 10/05/2020 à 20:30
La chanson Ahab the Arab de Ray Stevens a été adaptée en français par Hector sous l'intitulé "Abab l'Arabe" et en finnois par Ismio Kallio & the Four Cats sous l'intitulé "Arabi-Ahab".
Parmi les reprises, notons celle de Jimmy Saville et celle de Jo-Ann Campbell.

Ray Stevens (Harold Ray Ragsdale) est un chanteur, compositeur et comédien américain né le 24 janvier 1939 à Clarkdale en Géorgie. Il est aussi le créateur des chansons "The streak", "Osama-Yo' Mama", "In the mood" ou "Gitarzan".
Il est aussi le créateur de "Don't boogie woogie" adapté par Eddy Mitchell sous l'intitulé "Pas de boogie woogie", d'"America communicate with me", adaptée par Richard Anthony sous le titre "America" et de "Mr Businessman" adapté par Claude François sous l'intitulé "Monsieur le Businessman".

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