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Pierre de Gaillande - Public benches

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Titre : Public benches

Année : 2010

Auteurs compositeurs : Georges Brassens - Pierre de Gaillande

Durée : 3 m 23 s

Label : Barbès Records

Référence : BR0027

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People who see upside-down
Think the benches around
The sidewalks and the streets
Are made only for the impotent or the obese
But it's an absurdity
For in reality
These venerable seats
Are there to accommodate young lovers when they meet

Young lovers kissing on park benches publicly
Publicly, publicly
Not giving the slightest damn for the
Honest people's stares
Young lovers kissing on park benches publicly
Publicly, publicly
Saying "I love you" pathetically
Look pretty nice, if you ask me

As they sit there holding hands
They speak of future plans
Of sky blue wallpaper
That will dress the pretty walls of their nuptial bedside
They see what tomorrow knows
He's smoking while she sews
Their happiness assured
While they contemplate the naming of their first-born child

When the noble what's-their-names
Happen to contemplate
Two of these so-and-sos
They don't hesitate to toss out some venomous names
Though the entire family clan
The mom, the girl, the dad
The son the Holy Ghost
Wouldn't mind once in a while behaving just the same

When the heady months have ceased
When they will have appeased
All of their burning dreams
When their sky grows heavy with the darkening clouds above
They will sadly come to see
That it was on these streets
Upon these famous seats
That they lived the greatest moments of their budding love
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2 commentaires
cherrysalsa Le 14/04/2020 à 20:45
Mazette, l'adaptation en anglais est tout simplement nickel!
Tout comme l'orchestration et l'arrangement.
Snark Hunter Le 11/12/2020 à 10:51
3è couplet : "While they contemplate the naming of their first-born child"
-> c'est en réalité "While deliberating the name of their first-born child"

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