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Devil Sauce

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Commentaires sur Devil Sauce

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DrBeat Le 01/09/2009 à 15:00
Le compositeur de ce tube dantesque est bien connu, enfin dans le milieu avise des musicos :
Albert Verrecchia
Profile: This French-born composer moved to Italy in the 60's forming the group I Pirañas, with two albums on RCA ARC. With him came his sister Evelyne, who had some popularity as solo singer with the name Evy and the single L'abito non fa il beatnik.
After collaborating with many artists, among which Alan Sorrenti for his debut album Aria (where he appears as keyboardist and arranger under the name Albert Prince), in the 70's Verrecchia mostly dedicated his interest to film soundtracks, among these Tecnica di un amore, also released on LP by the Naples label B.B.B. and later reissued on vinyl and CD, and the recently rediscovered Roma drogata: La polizia non può intervenire, from a 1975 movie but never released before on record.
Opposite from other soundtrack composers, Verrecchia used electric sounds rather than orchestral arrangements, and the recent CD contains some interesting tracks in rock and blues style, with some vague psychedelic influences. Among the musicians playing in this soundtrack are Cyan (6), Baba Yaga (3), Tony Esposito and singer Sammy Barbot.
He later worked as producer using the name Albert Weyman.

Aliases: Albert Prince, Albert Weyman
Members: I Pirañas
Name Variations: All | Albert Verrecchia | A. Verrecchia | Albert Verrechia | Verrecchia

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