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Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage

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Titre : Joe's Garage

Année : 1979

Auteurs compositeurs : Frank Zappa

Pochette : Norm Seeff / John Williams

Durée : 6 m 10 s

Label : CBS / Barking Pumpkin Records

Référence : CBS 86101

Présentation : Extrait de l'Act 1 de l'opera rock dystopique du même nom.
Le titre est introduit et conclu par la voix du "Central Scrutinizer", sorte de Big Brother qui contrôle l'interdiction de jouer de la musique. D'où l'intervention de la police à la fin du morceau.
Les premiers couplets sont chantés par Ike Willis.
La version single est plus courte de deux minutes.

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We take you now, to a garage, in Canoga Park

It wasn't very large
There was just enough room to cram the drums
In the corner over by the Dodge
It was a fifty-four
With a mashed up door
And a cheesy little amp
With a sign on the front said "Fender Champ"
And a second hand guitar
It was a Stratocaster with a whammy bar

We could jam in Joe's Garage
His mama was screamin'
His dad was mad
We was playin' the same old song
In the afternoon 'n' sometimes we would
Play it all night long
It was all we knew, 'n' easy too
So we wouldn't get it wrong
All we did was bend the string like…

Down in Joe's Garage
We didn't have no dope or LSD
But a coupla quartsa beer
Would fix it so the intonation
Would not offend yer ear
And the same old chords goin' over 'n' over
Became a symphony
We would play it again 'n' again 'n' again
'Cause it sounded good to me


We could jam in Joe's Garage
His mama was screamin',
We was playing' the same old song
In the afternoon 'n' sometimes we would
Play it all night long
It was all we knew, and easy too
So we wouldn't get it wrong
Even if you played it on a saxophone

We thought we was pretty good
We talked about keepin' the band together
'N' we figured that we should
'Cause about this time we was gettin' the eye
From the girls in the neighborhood
They'd all come over 'n' dance around

So we picked out a stupid name
Had some cards printed up for a coupla bucks
'n' we was on our way to fame
Got matching suits 'n' Beatle Boots
'n' a sign on the back of the car
'n' we was ready to work in a GO-GO Bar


People seemed to like our song
They got up 'n' danced 'n' made a lotta noise
An' it wasn't 'fore very long
A guy from a company we can't name
Said we oughta take his pen
'n' sign on the line for a real good time
But he didn't tell us when
These "good times" would be somethin'
That was really happenin'
So the band broke up
An' it looks like
We will never play again

Guess you only get one chance in life
To play a song that goes like…

Turn it down!
Turn it DOWN!
I have children sleeping here…
Don't you boys know any nice songs?

Well the years was rollin' by, yeah
Heavy Metal 'n' Glitter Rock
Had caught the public eye, yeah
Snotty boys with lipstick on
Was really flyin' high, yeah
'N' then they got that Disco thing
'N' New Wave came along
'N' all of a sudden I thought the time
Had come for that old song
We used to play in "Joe's Garage"
And if I am not wrong
You will soon be dancin' to…
The White Zine is for loading and
Unloading only. If you
Gotta load or unload,
Go to the WHITE
ZONE. You'll love it…

Well the years was rollin' by (etc.)…
I'm calling THE POLICE!
I did it! They'll be here… shortly!
This is the Police…
I'm not joking around anymore
We have the garage surrounded
If you give yourself up
We will not harm you
Or hurt you neither
You'll see them
This is the Police
There they are, they're coming!
Give yourself up
We will not harm you
Listen to that mess, would you?
This is the Police
Give yourself up
We have the garage surrounded
Everday this goes on around here!
We will not harm you, or maim you
(SWAT Team 4, move in!)
He used cut my grass…
He was very nice boy…

That was Joe's first confrontation with The Law.
Naturally, we were easy on him.
One of our friendly counselors gave him
A do-nut… and told him to
Stick closer to church-oriented social activities
Paroles en attente d'une autorisation des ayants droit.
Nous nous engageons à en retirer l'affichage en cas de demande de leur part.


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1 commentaire
morphee Le 21/03/2023 à 19:00
Titre qui semble bien résumer les années 1970…
Le reste de l'ambitieux opéra rock est assez inégal, le meilleur étant dans le final.

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